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Single Chamber Bat House - Premium Cedar

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Bat box constructed with quality cedar


  • Single chamber cedar bat box with extended landing pad to entice bat inhabitation
  • Water tight seal ensuring dry, warm nesting for up to 30 bats
  • Cedar lumber is used to mimic natural bat habitat
  • ½” groves throughout the inside enable comfortable nesting and movement

Follows best practices established by Bat Council BCI to ensure the highest cohabitation rate for the bat box This increases the likelihood of bats adopting the bat box as their home. Once bat population is established they will continuously use the house for year to come.




  • Bat houses should be mounted in an area that gets 6-8 hours of direct sunlight (facing either East or South).
  • To the extent possible, locate all houses 20 to 30 feet from tree branches or other obstacles and 12 to 20 feet above ground (or above the tallest vegetation beneath the bat house).
  • Locate you bat house near the largest water source in the area. These locations are typically the most successful, as are those in or adjacent to the most diverse or natural vegetation. The best locations are along streams, rivers, lakes or forests because these are natural bat flyways