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FAQs About Bat Houses


#1 Why should I buy a bat house for my property?

When you install a bat house on your property, you not only provide a clean and safe for bats but you also reduce the chance of human contact with them. There’s also an additional benefit - a common bat can eat thousands of insects per night, so your outdoor space will be additionally protected from pest insects such as moths, mosquitoes and beetles and you’ll be looking after the environment by using less pesticides. 


#2 What’s the best place to hang a bat house in my yard?

The best place for a bat house is somewhere on your property where you can attract the most bats. Usually its on the side of your house/garage or on a ganging pole. After that, the exact place where you mount the bat house will depend on the style and the size of it. We recommend that you avoid mounting them on live trees and try to find a place to hang them either on poles or walls.  It is best if they get a lot of sun during the day and are in a dark area at night.  Consult our Hanging Guide for more information.


#3 How do I attract bats to my bat house?

While we cannot guarantee that you’ll achieve occupancy during the first seasons, if you follow a few simple rules, you’ll stand more of a chance of doing so. 

Location is key - put your bat house  near water and preferably in a diverse habitat - a mix of woodland, natural vegetation and agricultural land is ideal;

Food - a good source of insects is key, you can plant flowers that bloom at night to attract nocturnal insects;

Other factors - bat colonies nearby and darker areas away from bright lights;


#4 How many bat houses (and what size) do I buy for my property?

A single chamber bat box can accommodate up to about 50 bats and a double bat box could be inhabited by up to about 120. Research shows that bats come back season after season to the same bat house, so you can safely assume that once they take occupancy they will come back. If you see that your bat box is becoming overcrowded you can install another one nearby.