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BatBoxco-More Bats, Less Mosquitoes

     When people think about bats, the frightening creatures of nightmares and horror movies typically come to mind. However, bats are one of the most misunderstood of all creatures on our planet. In reality, bats provide a lot of benefits to commercial, residential, and agricultural areas alike. Bats eat lots of insects, including pesky mosquitos. This means families can relax outside, farmers can use less pesticides on their crops, and health officials can see a reduction in certain diseases. In fact, a single bat can eat thousands of mosquitos a night which is why many people have chosen to install our bat boxes at their homes, businesses, and farms.


     BatBoxco carries a wide range of high quality bat boxes designed to be functional, dependable, and easy to use. Just choose a good location, securely install the bat box to a tree, pole, or building and let the bats do the rest! Our bat boxes are designed and manufactured by our team of craftsmen in Austin, Texas and follow BCI’S “Bat Approved” Guidelines For Bat House Design And Construction.

The BatBoxco Mission

     Serving the needs of home and business owners around the world, BatBoxco is an independently owned and operated business founded in 2019 with the key vision of offering our customers more. More service, more value, and more expertise than any other bat box supplier. At BatBoxco, we have made it our mission to provide high quality, trusted products that our customers can depend on to be safe, effective, and bat and environmentally friendly.

Who We Are

     BatBoxco was founded by a team of two people committed to helping people everywhere reduce the amount of mosquitos in their yards, gardens, and other outdoor areas. We have a background in ecology and construction and have based our business in Cape Cod and Austin, Texas to better serve the needs of our customers. At BatBoxco, we work hard to earn your business and we take the time to make sure every product we carry offers the best quality and the best value for our customers. We sell direct to consumer and to nature centers, golf courses, zoos, and more. Contact us today for more information.

Get Social with Us

     To learn more about BatBoxco, contact us today and let one of our experienced bat habitat specialists assist you and answer any questions you might have about our full line of exclusive products. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to become a part of the BatBoxco online community today.